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Case Studies Archives


Gerber Acoustics (on the DLP-4080)

“I spent three minutes with the product, and that was it…simple GUI interface that allows you to get anywhere from anywhere fast, and it’s  great value.””I set it a 96kHz and adjusted it for a pair of speakers. It was like getting a new set of speakers, they sounded so good.”– Chas Gerber , Gerber Acoustics Gerber


Pol Audio (Pope visit to Poland)

“During the Warsaw ceremony we used almost every kind of XILICA processor: DLP-4080, DCP-3060 and DSPX-8080. We had back-up processors but we didn’t need to use them because XILICA devices had proven their reliability.”– Lukasz Kulesz, Pol-Audio audio Pol Audio


Jason Audio (Live 8)

“I’m happy to report that the DLP-4080A’s worked perfectly for Live8. There were no problems, and the sound quality was superb. In general, the sound system was extremely well received by artists, production staff, management, and audience. The 4080A’s were definitely a part of that achievement.”– Jeff Berryman, Jason Audio Jason Audio

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