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Xilica Uno Series DSP at Deluxe

Xilica Audio Design’s Barry Steinburg (taking the picture) and Andrew Arathoon (far right) along with John McArthur from PAG Canada (second from right) who represent Xilica in Canada demonstrated their Uno Series app configured digital processors to Deluxe Post Audio in Toronto in February 2013. The mandate at Deluxe for a new DSP solution for some of its rooms was superb audio performance, a reduction in hardware I/O costs and value.  The predesigned Uno app schematic provided to Deluxe included presets for 5.1 and 7.1 surround as well as a specific IMAX preset.  The combined labour and hardware cost savings provided by the Uno’s app configured / pre-designed schematic layout and the Uno’s flexible 16×16 I/O in one 1RU chassis kept costs within budget and the Uno’s best in class audio performance passed the audio test with flying colours.  Sales manager Barry Steinburg commented “Audio performance is very important to Xilica Audio Design even in the Uno’s DSP market segment. Where most of our competition use inferior sounding 24 bit fixed architecture we only use 40 bit floating point DSP architecture.  The audio performance advantage is obvious.  In addition, we only use high performance 24 bit converters and premium grade mic pre-amps for the same reasoning.  Our goal is to always provide best in class audio performance with all our digital processors”.

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