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NeuPanel Series



Xilica provides the following means for controlling  our Neutrino and Uno Series processors,


– With our NeuPanel Series – Mini and Touch 7 controls

– Use our free SolaroControl iOS app on your iPhone or iPad

– Use our free NeuPanel / Touch software on your own Android device

– With the browser control provided in our Centro SM1 site manager via iOS, OS-X, and Android devices

– With any third party control device (AMX, Crestron, etc)

– From within the SolaroConsole software – use NeuPanel-PC to create a control surface for use on any      Windows PC or Mac computer

– Or via the processors logic I/O control ports

Description – Mini and Touch 7 Controls

Unlike most of our competition who rely on old RS485 remote control technology or who provide a similar proprietary control method of their own – our NeuPanel Series – Mini and Touch 7 remote controls are DHCP enabled network devices and are POE powered. They are connected using Ethernet cable and reside on the network with connected Neutrino or Uno Series processors. Program our Mini and Touch 7 controls using an easy to use, one step, drag and drop configuration from within the processors SolaroConsole software. We recommend powering our Mini and Touch controls via a POE switch or router but an external power supply is included with each. Available in black or white.


NeuPanel Series – Mini Controls

Mini K1A single volume control on a 2 gang sized aluminum panel K1
Mini K4Four selectable volume controls on a 2 gang sized aluminum panel K4
Mini S4K1Four on/off control buttons plus an independent volume control S4K1
Mini S4Four on/off control buttons on a 2 gang sized aluminum panel S4
Mini S8Eight on/off control buttons on a 2 gang sized aluminum panel S8

NeuPanel Series – Touch 7 Control

The Touch 7 MkII is a surface or flush mount, programmable, 7 inch touch control with password protected multi-page control flexibility. Complex control requirements made easy – with the touch of a finger. Front

NeuPanel / Touch Software App for Android Devices

Our free NeuPanel / Touch control software app can be loaded onto your own Android device to control Neutrino and Uno Series processors. android

Centro SM1

Two of the four features provided by our optional Centro SM1 site manager is browser control via iOS, OX-S and Android devices and a built in Interpreter to simplify third party control programming of our processors.

Third Party Control

Our new SolaroConsole universal software makes third party control easier and faster. Please contact Xilica Audio Design at support@xilica.com regarding any protocol control assistance you require for third party control programming of our processors.


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