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The Rio Series Dante enabled I/O interface devices were designed to provide additional flexibility for our Dante enabled Neutrino-N and Uno-N processor models but can also be used as standalone interface devices with other Dante enabled product brands. In both cases you use the free Dante Controller software to complete the configuration, audio routing, and management of the Dante devices on the Dante network.


The Rio Series currently provides five (5) interface models. The newest Rio models include the R22-P, R44-P, R22-WP-X, and R22-WP-M models which join our original Rio R1616-N model. All models provide bi-directional Dante network audio transport – analog audio input, conversion, and transport over network cable and Dante network audio to analog audio breakout.

Rio Series – R22-P and R44-P Models


R22r44 front rear


The R22-P (2×2 I/O) and R44-P (4×4 I/O) models are 1/4 rack chassis size Dante interface devices. The front panel of both models provides Dip switch selection of Mic or Line input and 48v Phantom power on a per input basis and an RJ45 Dante network audio connector with power and network status LED’s. The rear of each model provides 2 or 4 analog audio outputs on 3.81mm Euro connectors and a 12VDC external power supply connection. The external power supply is included but you can also power the device using PoE power.

Surface mount brackets are included (but not shown attached above) and these devices can be mounted to rear rack rails, to rack shelves, onto any surface or used freestanding with or without their removable mounting brackets. An optional 1RU – 19″ rack panel provides the ability to mount 4 of these devices side by side in a 19″ rack. See our individual R22-P/R44-P and R22-WP spec sheets and the combined R22 & R44 Quick Start Guide for more information including the Dante Controller software.

Rio Series – R22-WP-X and R22-WP-M Models


r22, r44P nw


The R22-WP-X and R22-WP-M models are 2×2 analog / 2×2 Dante I/O interface panels on a 2 gang sized flush or surface mount wall plate (surface mount back box included). The only difference between these two models is the analog I/O connections provided on the front panel of each model.                                       The R22-WP-X wall late model provides XLR analog I/O connections only. The R22-WP-M model provides a mix of XLR, dual RCA (L+R summed), and stereo 3.5mm (L+R summed) analog I/O connections.

The front panel of both models provides Mic/Line input and 48v Phantom power selection on a per channel basis via recessed on/off switches. Three (3) status LED’s indicate panel power, when the mic input is selected, and when phantom power has been activated. The rear of both models provides an RJ45 network audio connection and an external power supply connection. Power both models with a PoE switch or router or use the included external power supply. The R22-WP-X and R22-WP-M are a two piece design with the decora-style outer cover snapping onto the metal main body panel and are available in all black, all white, or black/white and white/black colour combinations as shown above.

Rio Series – R1616-N Model



The R1616-N is a full size, 1RU, 19″ rack mount Dante interface. It provides 16×16 I/O channels of Dante network audio and 16×16 I/O channels of analog audio. The front panel provides power and network status LED’s plus I/O LED’s. The rear panel provides all analog inputs and outputs on 3.5mm Euro connectors, dual RJ45 Dante network audio connections, an RJ45 network connection, and an IEC power socket.

In conjunction with our Neutrino-N and Uno-N processors or as a standalone interface, the Rio R1616 provides additional system flexibility by transporting audio long distances over CAT5/6 cable digitally. The Rio R1616-N is unique in that no other manufacturer provides a 16×16 Dante-16×16 Analog I/O interface in the R1616-N’s price and performance class.


Rio Series – Features

Use our Rio Series Dante interfaces with Xilica’s Neutrino-N and Uno-N Dante enabled processors or with any Dante enabled product brands

Dante network audio I/O over Ethernet cable

2×2, 4×4, and 16×16 I/O models

1/4 rack chassis size models, flush/surface wall mount models, full size 19″ rack mount models

Selectable mic/line inputs per channel

Premium grade mic pre-amps

48V phantom power

Mic input and 48v phantom power status LED’s

48kHz sampling

Ethernet connectivity and control

SolaroConsole universal software included

“No Dante Controler software required” when using our SolaroConsole universal software to configure Xilica and other Dante enabled product brands. Only required when our SolaroConsole universal software is not being utilized.

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