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At Xilica Audio Design we have a passion for digital audio. That’s what we do. And the focus of our passion is superb audio performance. If you care about DSP audio performance – you share our passion.

Our Uno Series digital processors are one of those products. Audio performance is still important to Xilica in this DSP category so to offset the 48kHz sampling rate we continue to use our 40 bit floating point DSP engine, high performance 24 bit converters, and premium grade mic preamps in Uno processors to ensure best in class audio performance.

Designed and engineered in Canada for fixed audio installations, Uno eliminates DSP design time by using pre-designed schematic apps (Uno apps). Either download a pre-designed DSP schematic app from our Uno apps library into Uno or contact Xilica about providing free “custom” Uno apps designed to your exact requirements. We can provide a DSP schematic app for just about every application and with input from users our web site apps library will continue to grow, future-proofing your Uno hardware investment. The Uno App Configured DSP.  No programming skills or DSP design time required – we do it for you.


Our app configured Uno processors are DHCP enabled network devices and are available in four I/O model sizes – 8×8, 8×16, 16×8 and 16×16 with Mic/Line input selection and 48v phantom power per input and premium grade mic pre-amps. U1616 and U1616-N model versions are shown above.

The Uno U0808, U0816, U1608, and U1616 are our standard I/O models. In addition….

Uno-N model versions (Uno U0808-N, etc) provide Dante enabled network audio capability. Digitally transport up to 16×16 I/O channels (model dependent) of Dante network audio bi-directionaly over Ethernet cable. Convert the Dante and analog audio streams back to analog or to Dante network audio using another Uno-N model or use any of our Rio Series 2×2, 4×4, 16×16 Dante enabled interface devices. As well, use Uno-N series processors and Rio series Dante interface devices in conjunction with other Dante enabled product brands and devices. Note: The Dante I/O on Uno models follows the analog I/O of each Uno model – as in the U0808-N model provides 8×8 Dante I/O whereas the U1608-N model for example provides 16×8 Dante I/O – mirroring the analog I/O.

Our Uno U0808-D and U1616-D model versions provide additional I/O in the form of 8×8 AES/EBU digital audio I/O on a separate DB25 connector.

The Uno U1608-AEC model version is essentially our U1608 model with up to 8 x AEC inputs plus 8 x mic/line inputs for conference system applications or anywhere AEC (acoustic echo cancelation) is required.

And the U0808-ND, U1616-ND and U1608-AEC-N combo model versions provide additional I/O and application flexibility.

Please note that our Uno-AEC models do not provide any telephone interface facilities.

Download a pre-designed DSP app from our web site or one of our free custom Uno apps into the included SolaroConsole software (download our SolaroConsole software and support documents from the right column). Each app has DSP modules specific to the pre-designed or “custom” application and in a specific fixed order. The user then adjusts the parameters of each DSP module, programs presets and our programmable controls using the software GUI to complete the system processing. Then transfer your DSP design project to the physical Uno processor and you are done.

Control Uno via Ethernet using the included SolaroConsole Software GUI; with our wired Touch 7 and Mini series wall controls; wirelessly with our SolaroControl app via iOS & Android devices; use our browser control; via the processors Logic I/O; or with any third party control system.

Use Uno’s SolaroConsole universal Dante configuration and universal protocol control software to configure all brands of Dante devices on the network and to control other product brands in the system – all from within SolaroConsole.


Hybrid architecture – app configured DSP

48kHz sampling, 40 bit floating point DSP engine

High performance 24 bit converters

Premium grade mic pre-amps

8×8, 8×16, 16×8, and 16×16 I/O Model sizes

Uno-N model versions provide Dante enabled network audio transport

Uno-D model versions provide AES/EBU digital audio I/O (8×8).

U1608-AEC model version with 8 x AEC inputs

U0808-ND, U1616-ND, and 1608-AEC-N combo model version provide additional I/O and application flexibility.

Mic/Line input selection per input w 48v phantom power

Ethernet connectivity and control

Auto network connection and IP management (DHCP mode)

Easy to use SolaroConsole software GUI

Maximum latency fixed at 3ms – no matter the number of DSP modules in use.

Logic input/relay output ports

Optional NeuPanel Series – Mini and Touch 7 wall controls

iOS and Android control via our free SolaroControl apps.

Third Party Control

Uno Apps

Mixing and Routing for:
Public & Community Facilities
Education & Government Institutions
Theme Parks/Hotels/Resorts

Sound Reinforcement for:
Houses of Worship
Public & Community Facilities
Educational Institutions
Conference and Board Rooms

Public Address and Distribution

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