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Note: The XA Series is not available in North America



The Xilica XA Series is a less expensive version of our XP Series DSP and brings a new level of audio performance to the world of value orientated fixed architecture DSP for live sound production and fixed audio installations.

Designed and engineered in Canada, the XA Series DSP maintains the same state of the art 96kHz, 40 bit, floating point DSP engine and high performance 24 bit converters used in the XP Series but removes these features in order to provide a value orientated DSP solution that still provides best in class audio performance – No Ethernet connectivity; No Touch 7, XPanel, or Android app remote control; No 31 band GEQ; No input crossovers; No compressors; Input/Output delay reduced to 40ms; No 8×8 model; And the XA models use a linear power supply.


The XA Series DSP is a fixed architecture, fully programable, digital, audio system processor with a focus on value and audio performance. 2×4, 2×6, and 4×8 I/O model sizes are available (the XA-4080 is shown above). Inputs can be matrix mixed/routed to any or all outputs; USB and RS232 connectivity for configuration and software/firmware updates are provided; Processor configuration can be accomplished in real time from the front panel or with a computer running our easy to use XConsole software GUI.


Fixed architecture DSP

96kHz sampling, 40 bit floating point DSP engine

High performance 24 bit converters

2×4, 2×6, and 4×8 I/O model sizes available

XLR line level inputs and outputs (mic input versions not available)

USB and RS232 configuration connectivity

Processor configuration via front panel or easy to use XConsole software GUI

Matrix mixer

8 Band PEQ per input and output

Dual IIR crossover filters per output with Bessel, Linkwitz-Riley & Butterworth slopes

40ms delay per input and output

Output limiters

Phase correction

Linear power supply

30 presets / password protection

Remote control options not available

Designed and Engineered in Canada

Warranty: 2 Years Parts and Labour

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