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SolaroConsole – Universal Software v1.4.1

Dear Xilica Supporters,

SolaroConsole is the Neutrino and Uno Series DSP configuration and control software that replaces our previous NeuConsole software and SolaroConsole v1.4.1 is now available to download from our web site under Products – SolaroConsole – Downloads (see PC and Mac versions). Also see associated Firmware updates for all devices, related SolaroControl apps from the web site or the App Store, and our web based Solaro Help file

SolaroConsole provides many operational improvements in speed, features, looks, layout, and new third party control enhancements that our customers will love. But SolaroConsole is much more that that….

SolaroConsole provides three universal components – Universal Dante Configuration, Universal Protocol Control, and Universal Platform all from within Solaro. Universal Dante config and universal platform are operational now and throughout 2016 we will implement and complete universal protocol control. Imagine being able to select say a projector brand and model from our SolaroConsole menu and upon opening its module find all of its control functions available to you. Just drag and drop any or all of its controls into any of our wired or wireless remote control solutions and you are in control. No complex third party control programming required – we did it for you.

SolaroConsole v1.4.1 – Highlights

This release is primarily a bug fix release for v1.4.0. The most important bug fixes/improvements over the previous version are noted below.

1. When programming Mini Panel Рthis fixes a critical bug that caused users not to be able to set the   range and step of the Mini control.

2. For the Device default schematic – we have fixed it so that the number of I/O in the Input and Output modules matches with the devices physical I/O.

See the Ver 1.4.1 Change History for a complete list of bug fixes, new enhancements, and supported device firmware versions.

. One software
. Configuration and control
. Any platform


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