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SolaroConsole – Universal Software v1.40

Dear Xilica Supporters,

SolaroConsole is the Neutrino and Uno Series DSP configuration and control software that replaces our previous NeuConsole software and SolaroConsole v1.40 is now available to download from our web site under Products – SolaroConsole – Downloads. Also see Documents for our web based Solaro Help file which we can easily update in a timely manner without having to wait for a new software version release. To follow will be SolaroConsole video tutorials and a spec sheet.

SolaroConsole provides many operational improvements in speed, features, looks, layout, and new third party control enhancements that our customers will love. But SolaroConsole is much more that that….

SolaroConsole is the beginning of an entirely new universal software strategy for Xilica Audio Design. Solaro provides three universal components – Universal Dante Configuration, Universal Protocol Control, and Universal Platform all from within Solaro. Universal Dante config and universal platform are operational now and throughout 2016 we will implement and complete universal protocol control. Imagine being able to select say a projector brand and model from our SolaroConsole menu and upon opening its module find all of its control functions available to you. Just drag and drop any or all of its controls into any of our remote control solutions and you are in control. No complex third party control programming required – we did it for you. No DSP manufacturer has ever provided universal configuration and control from within one universal software before. Until now.

SolaroConsole – Highlights

1. Universal Dante Configuration:
SolaroConsoles universal Dante configuration is made up of three components. (a) It provides the ability to universally configure any brand of Dante interface device on the market; (b) It provides improved Dante Network Device management tools including – Dante configuration done graphically and saved into a project file with automatic audio routing of the Dante matrix along with an improved Dante View screen; (c) The user no longer has to also run the Dante Controller software application as everything is configured and managed from within SolaroConsole.

2. Universal Platform:
Use our new SolaroConsole universal software on your Mac, Window’s PC, or Linux platform.

3. Universal Protocol Control:
SolaroConsoles third universal component – Universal Protocol Control (often referred to as 3rd party control) will be implemented throughout 2016 but represents the most important universal component of SolaroConsole. Imagine being able to drag & drop say, a projector brand and model, from our SolaroConsole menu onto the Project View work area and with that – being able to control that projector in your SolaroConsole project design using our wired and wireless control solutions. More to come on this powerful and exciting universal control feature.

4. Enhanced Third Party Control:
With SolaroConsole, we’ve done a lot of work in terms of enhancing what can be controlled via the Solaro family of apps. We’ve made this fully configurable so that the same software has the ability to control virtually any network based gear. That’s good. But what makes this spectacular is the ability to then add this control to SolaroControl. With one touch you can be adjusting your Uno or Neutrino. That’s old news. But now, you can also do anything you have the control string for.

5. Creating a Design Project from Existing Physical Devices Found on the Network:
In the Network View of the application, you can now select desired devices by clicking on the device ICON (Ctrl-Click to select more than one device) and then click the “Create Project from Selected Device(s)” button to create a initial project design based on the devices selected. This function is a quick way for you to start a new design project based on an existing design.


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