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SolaroConsole v1.6.1 Release

Dear Xilica Supporters,
SolaroConsole is the Neutrino and Uno Series DSP configuration and control software that replaces our previous NeuConsole software and SolaroConsole v1.6.1 is now available to download from our web site under Products – SolaroConsole – Downloads (see PC and Mac versions). Also see associated Firmware updates for all devices, related SolaroControl apps from the web site or the App Store, and our web based Solaro Help file
SolaroConsole provides many operational improvements in speed, features, looks, layout, and new third party control enhancements that our customers will love. But SolaroConsole is much more that that….
SolaroConsole provides three universal components – Universal Dante Configuration, Universal Protocol Control, and Universal Platform all from within SolaroConsole. Universal Dante config and universal platform are operational now and throughout 2017 we will implement and complete universal protocol control.

SolaroConsole v1.6.1 – Highlights
This release adds new product brands to Solaro’s universal protocol control menu and a number of new features, enhancements, and bug fix improvements.
The new universal control product brands added and a few of 1.6.1’s new features and enhancements are noted below:

Product Brands Added to SolaroConsoles Universal Protocol Control:
Yamaha:                                                                                                                      MTX3, XMV4140, XMV4280, XMV8140, XMV8280, XMV4140-D, XMV4280-D, XMV8140-D, XMV8280-D, Ro8-D, Ri8-D, Rio 1608-D, Rio 3224-D, and Tio 1608-D.
unDX210, unD310, unDIO2x2, unD4I, unD4IL.

A Few of 1.6.1’s New Features and Enhancements:
– Added support USB firmware rescue for Neutrino based devices.
– Added support for Online Help File from within application.

– Support logging debug message to log file.
– Add in Xilica DSP device data read mode for SolaroControl. Where a customer has designed a huge control panel which includes most of the device parameters we introduced a full data read mode to enhance the efficiency (instead of individual data read back).

– Support screen auto scroll during drag & drop operation.This will enable dragging and dropping to an area outside of the screen.
– Support Site Manager devices and network firmware upgrade for SM-1 Site Manager devices.

See the Ver 1.6.1 Change History for a complete list of bug fix improvements, new features and enhancements, and supported device firmware versions.

Kind regards,
Xilica Canada

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