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Xilica at ISE 2015

The Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) trade show is held in Amsterdam in early February each year . ISE is an excellent Pro AV trade show with a focus on the integration market and our Xilica Europe office always participates (the Xilica Europe office is located just outside of Amsterdam). Henk Boonstra and Marco Koorstra from the Xilica Europe office, Eddie Tam and Tim Cheung from our Xilica Asia office, and Barry Steinburg from the Xilica Canada office greeted customers, made them a cup of coffee, demonstrated our DSP and control products and provided training to our European distributors and customers. And we can not forget to mention Tim Wegmann and David Klecha from our distributor in Germany – Steinbild Media – and to thank them both for their help with customers, constructing/dismantling our booth, and for providing insightful conversation and a lot of fun as well. Thanks guys.
Introduced at ISE 2015 were five (5) new Rio Series Dante interface products (2×2 and 4×4 I/O wall plate and 1/4 rack formats and a 16×16 w XLRs – all available soon) and our new iOS control app for Neutrino and Uno processors called SolaroControl. Plus we had a few samples on hand of what the revised front plate will eventually look like for our Mini controls and which received positive comments from everyone.
My appreciation to Henk, Marco, Tim, Eddie, Tim Wegmann, and David Klecha for making my visit and the show so comfortable, interesting, and educational. And most of all, a feeling of “family” which is an important part of the Xilica business philosophy.
Barry Steinburg / Xilica Canada

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