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NeuConsole Software v5.3.8

Dear Xilica Supporters,

Just released is NeuConsole Software version 5.3.8 (and associated firmware 5.3.8).This version includes a significant feature improvement that enables much better support for 3rd party control programming. We are confident this will resolve the previous inconvenience regarding our control strings (NO MORE check sum and NO MORE mac address).You can download ver 5.3.8 of the NeuConsole software and firmware at www.xilica.com – Products – Neutrino Series (or Uno Series) – under Downloads at the right.All ver 5.3.8 changes and improvements will be reflected in revised Help files and product guides as soon as possible. The following are some key highlights regarding NeuConsole version 5.3.8.

1) New 3rd Party Control Protocols.

We have designed and added new 3rd party control protocols which will make it more convenient to program and control our products. It also provides additional functionality so that the 3rd party controller can do more comprehensive control. This new protocol works on top of the existing protocols (meaning there is NO change to the existing protocols, we simply added one more TCP port to deal with the new protocols). As well, this NeuConsole ver 5.3.8 release removes the need of having to add and use our Centro SM1 device for simple 3rd party control.

(Technical details…It uses TCP port 10007 and can have up to 4 TCP connections per device. (max 4x3rd party devices – if they choose to always connect on their TCP connection). You can configure up to 100 control points per device. And for each control point you can put in a max 32 characters name for it. And in your control protocol, you simple say “SET name 10.0” to set a control point to 10.0 dB. Or you can do “GET name” to obtain the current value of this control point_.

2) New Side Chain Compressor and Side Chain Expander.

These features have been requested by customers, consultants, and distributors. Now we have it.

3) Improved Device IP Reset Indication

We found that some customers had issues with our original procedures for initiating a device IP reset (especially on Uno processors as they do not have a front panel LCD screen). We have enhanced the mechanism to provide more feedback. In this revised procedure, if you hold the IP reset button while turning on the device, the yellow Network LED on the front panel will start flashing to indicate it has detected an IP Reset Request. You now release the IP reset button while the network LED is still flashing and it will perform the IP reset operation. Once released, all LED’s on the device will start flashing indicating IP reset success. They are set to flash for 30 seconds and then stop but you do not have to wait for them to stop flashing before moving on as the IP Reset is completed the moment they begin flashing. (This applies to DSP devices as well as our Mini control).

If you have any further questions regarding version 5.3.8 changes or have any difficulties that we need to know about please contact support@xilica.com.

June 8, 2015 – Xilica at Buffalo Bills Football Stadium

In June 2015 Xilica Audio Design will supply three (3) Uno processors and thirty-six (36) custom Mini S4K1 controls for installation at the Buffalo Bills NFL football stadium.
– One Uno U0816-N Dante enabled DSP will receive audio sources via Dante network audio and along with two Uno U0816 DSP models distribute four audio sources to 36 rooms.
– Each of the 36 rooms will have a “custom” Mini S4K1 network wall mount control installed for source selection and level control.
Our standard Mini controls have a 2 gang front plate. When the integrator discovered that the back boxes in each of the 36 rooms were 3 gang boxes we proposed providing the S4K1’s mounted to custom 3 gang front plates. Since we have our own factory Xilica was able to manufacture these custom plates quickly and ahead of schedule for the stadium installation.
A case study of this project will be created and added to our web site once work is completed.
Barry Steinburg / Xilica Canada

March 1st 2015 – Xilica at ISE 2015

The Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) trade show is held in Amsterdam in early February each year . ISE is an excellent Pro AV trade show with a focus on the integration market and our Xilica Europe office always participates (the Xilica Europe office is located just outside of Amsterdam). Henk Boonstra and Marco Koorstra from the Xilica Europe office, Eddie Tam and Tim Cheung from our Xilica Asia office, and Barry Steinburg from the Xilica Canada office greeted customers, made them a cup of coffee, demonstrated our DSP and control products and provided training to our European distributors and customers. And we can not forget to mention Tim Wegmann and David Klecha from our distributor in Germany – Steinbild Media – and to thank them both for their help with customers, constructing/dismantling our booth, and for providing insightful conversation and a lot of fun as well. Thanks guys.
Introduced at ISE 2015 were five (5) new Rio Series Dante interface products (2×2 and 4×4 I/O wall plate and 1/4 rack formats and a 16×16 w XLRs – all available soon) and our new iOS control app for Neutrino and Uno processors called SolaroControl. Plus we had a few samples on hand of what the revised front plate will eventually look like for our Mini controls and which received positive comments from everyone.
My appreciation to Henk, Marco, Tim, Eddie, Tim Wegmann, and David Klecha for making my visit and the show so comfortable, interesting, and educational. And most of all, a feeling of “family” which is an important part of the Xilica business philosophy.
Barry Steinburg / Xilica Canada

Feb 28 2015 – Xilica Introduces SolaroControl

In February 2015 Xilica Audio Design introduced their iOS control app for Neutrino and Uno Series processors called SolaroControl.
SolaroControl is unique from its competitors. Where most provide a predesigned GUI with their iOS app – SolaroControl allows the user to program the controls they want to see and use on their iOS device using a one step drag & drop configuration from within the processors software (exactly the same way as we do for our Touch 7 touch control).
Plus you can create multiple control pages with password protection for each page.

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