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As a vertical, corporate audio is uniquely challenging — a myriad of environments, with a group of unifying requirements: low-profile, aesthetically-minimal audio solutions that deliver uninterrupted, highly-reliable and intelligible speech.

Audio quality is critical to successful business communication. However, one of the biggest problems facing integrators within the conference and corporate vertical is echo — inevitable when a loudspeaker is placed in close proximity to an open microphone in a full-duplex communication application, such as audio and video conferencing. In these scenarios, sound from the loudspeaker is picked up by the microphone and relayed to the original speaker — causing a delayed and distorted sound that hinders understanding and prohibits seamless communication. 

Xilica’s renowned AEC (Acoustic Echo Cancellation) algorithms work to reduce single-talk echo by 80dB in any acoustic environment, across 16kHz, 24kHz and 48kHz sampling frequencies. For conversation-critical spaces such as boardrooms, integrators employing a Solaro QR1 quarter-rack modular I/O architecture DSP with soft-key activated AEC or Neutrino open-architecture AEC models, can utilise AEC to deliver G.167, P.340 and VDA-compliant cancellation with robust double-talk detector, giving 30dB+ reduction during double-talk, and convergence to 80dB echo reduction in under 100ms.

It’s not just what happens inside the space that matters, though. Modern office facilities include numerous ‘huddle rooms’ — smaller conference spaces that allow individuals or micro-teams to have immediate calls with remote participants. Combined with breakout rooms, which allow internal groups and teams to separate themselves and provide an effective overflow space, these spaces demand flexible routing, networked audio transport, and remote DSP and I/O facilities.

With select -N suffix Neutrino processors or Solaro Series processors, integrators can tap into Audinate’s patented Dante networking technology to link spaces for room combine purposes, signal transport from primary conference rooms to breakout and huddle spaces, and permit remote inputs from laptops, tablets and smartphones through Dante-enabled Rio series wall-plates for Neutrino, or XIO series for Solaro Series products. Plus, the wide-range of I/O counts available in the Solaro and Neutrino ranges allow facilities to utilise the most cost-effective product for their requirements.

The need for conference systems to be controlled through user-intuitive solutions is greater than ever with today’s desire for simplicity. Large-scale integrated control platforms such as Crestron and AMX allow for unified audio, video, lighting, HVAC and entry command, whilst smaller spaces may be better suited to a wall-mounted XTouch-panel, static wall-plate or iOS/Android app.

Xilica’s third-party integrations allow for customisable control on almost any command surface, whilst complimentary iOS and Android app, Xilica’s own XTouch touch-screen controls and NeuPanel Mini series of low-cost wall plates provide ultimate flexibility across price, format, and complexity.

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Reliability, high I/O count and ease of customisation were...