Performance Venues

Performance venues are where many AV professionals cut their teeth, and it’s no wonder that the application has stuck in the heart of many throughout our industry. Not least, Xilica’s engineering team — who have devised a range of DSP solutions with the entertainment industry in mind.

One of the key topics within performance venue specification is audio quality. Pure, well-engineered sound that delivers impactful music and intelligible speech is paramount — and Xilica has got that covered. Manufactured in the company’s own global production facility, each Xilica processor is individually quality-assessed before shipping, meaning the 40-bit floating point DSP is a highly-reliable solution for demanding applications with little downtime. Sampling at 96kHz and equipped with a range of DSP algorithm modules including feedback elimination, loudspeaker management, AGC, FIR and IRR filters, and many more, Xilica DSPs provide best-in-class audio performance and live up to their reputation for studio-quality sound.

In fact, Xilica has three DSP lines which may suit your performance venue installation. Solaro FR1 features an easy-to-configure open-architecture framework, 16 individual field-swappable card slots, optional 64×64 Dante module, and soft-key activated Acoustic Echo Cancellation, Neutrino open-architecture DSP provides drag-and-drop simplicity and optional units with Dante, AES/EBU digital I/O, and Acoustic Echo Cancellation, Finally, the X Series of products comprises XD and XP marked products. These are fixed-architecture signal processors designed for the demanding world of live sound, and have similar DSP blocks to the advanced Neutrino range, but lack advanced features such as network capabilities, select algorithms and I/O expansion. This wide range from which to choose enables venues of all sizes and budgets to find a processor that delivers impactful audio to their audiences.

Additionally, for large performance venues with significant technical equipment, Xilica’s third-party native device integration with manufacturers including Audio-Technica, Bose and Powersoft allows technical personnel and integration staff to rapidly configure systems, adjust parameters and customise settings to meet the logistical needs of a specific production. Meanwhile, linking technical equipment through Xilica’s programming software Xilica Designer permits technical staff to command any product they have the control string for, from the PC/Mac or through a linked touch-panel/control surface — including lighting, blinds, seating rakes, projectors and haze.

Given the uptime levels required by performance venues, the ability for a manufacturer to quickly support their products should also be a key concern. Xilica has three regional support centres — in Toronto, Amsterdam and Hong Kong — with near round-the-clock technical support availability via telephone, email and web. That means that if your processor has an unexpected hiccup before a show, it’s likely you’ll be able to jump on the phone with a technician near you and resolve any issues straightaway. No more chasing around remote support staff.

Finally, where vastly-different I/O counts are a regular occurrence, the XIO series of modular I/O expansion frames or Rio series of I/O solutions provide additional input and output flexibility.

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