Sporting & Recreation

From hosting hockey matches or NFL games to corporate events, assemblies, and local fairs, sporting venues can be iconic national exhibits or crucial community gathering places. Given their multi-purpose nature, it’s normal for integrators and end-users alike to desire an AV system with flexibility, expandability and user-centric control.

Audinate’s patented Dante audio networking protocol is often chosen as the backbone to sporting facilities, given its ability to run over standard IT infrastructure — minimising analog cabling and reducing installation time. Additionally, greater compatibility with end-user IT departments makes day-to-day operation and maintenance straightforward by using client-comfortable terminology and best practice.

Moreover, Dante allows audio signals to be transported long distances, common in large sporting venues, but also routed to different parts of a venue for different purposes. Xilica products such as the XIO series of modular I/O expansion frames or Rio series of Dante-enabled I/O solutions, permit audio inputs and outputs to be remotely located in VIP rooms, suites, owners boxes and broadcast control centres without noticeable signal degradation.

Additionally, it’s important for sports venue systems to be expandable — allowing for connection to larger external systems used for major events, and for the central components of a system to interact with peripherals. With AES/EBU optional outputs on Solaro FR1, Solaro QR1 or select Xilica Neutrino series processors, direct connection to digital mixing consoles and stage-boxes is simple, whilst Xilica Designer’s Universal Control option allows sports venues to utilise Xilica’s Solaro and Neutrino DSPs as the central hub from which they control other equipment — including projectors, amplifiers, lighting and seating rakes, in fact, any object they have the control string for. Third-party interoperability of select manufacturers’ products, including Audio-Technica and Powersoft, gives integrators a speedier configuration time in high-device-count installations, also.

Of course, audio quality is of paramount importance to bring audiences and players together. Legendary studio sound from Xilica’s 40-bit floating point DSPs, with 96kHz sample rates, pair with well-honed algorithmic processing blocks and the ability to mix, zone and route pristine, immersive sound across your facility. XTouch control touch-screens, low-cost NeuPanel Mini wall-plates, and Android/iOS apps are all available to ensure user-centric control of sound, wherever operators may be.

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