Houses of Worship

Places of worship are some of the most demanding environments for audio-visual systems. Not only do performance requirements fluctuate constantly — a sermon in the morning, a contemporary rock service in the afternoon, a Skype with missionaries in Africa at night — but so too do operator abilities.

Xilica has been in the house of worship (HoW) market since its founding, and HoWs play a major role in the company’s product development cycle. Flexible, open-architecture products such as Solaro QR1 or Neutrino allow for customisable routing and processing blocks — designed to facilitate even the most demanding set of bid requirements, whilst Uno unlocks turnkey flexibility for smaller churches looking for a simple, set-up and go processor. Uno’s downloadable pre-designed ‘apps’ give integrators the chance to capture greater value on DSP installation for their HoW projects, whilst minimising programming bill time to the client: helping win bids and satisfy church decision makers.

With Dante audio networking, Xilica DSPs can run overflow spaces, cry rooms, waiting areas and broadcast feeds alongside FoH/monitor and master PA duties. Even if a church doesn’t opt for Dante at time of purchase, Xilica’s products are future-proof — just buy the optional Dante Card Kit, plug-in, and off you go — you’re networked! Pair in Xilica Designer and you’ve unlocked Universal Control capabilities for any product you have the control string for — be it projectors, blinds and even lights.

Where there is a requirement for user control, NeuPanel’s Touch SM7 SII touchscreen permits easy-to-understand GUI commands. NeuPanel Mini Series wall-plates additionally provide a low-cost way to give individual spaces and zones the ability to tailor sound to their needs, without sticking to the one-size-fits-all mould. From standalone to fully immersive, Xilica’s products provide a level of command that’s totally customisable to your worship space.

Finally, remote I/O solutions such as the Rio range give the ability to plug-and-play BYOD over Dante — suitable for Skype feeds and video playback, outputs to Dante loudspeakers in overflow rooms, external broadcast vehicles for megachurches, and even providing audio to church barbecues. In HoW, the key word is flexibility — and with that, Xilica has you covered.

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