Buffalo Bills’ NFL Stadium

Xilica’s Uno-N Series processors and Mini Series wall controls were installed as part of a comprehensive AV upgrade initiative.

For any modern sport stadium, making sure that the technological infrastructure of the venue is every bit as compelling as the action taking place on the pitch is a constant preoccupation. The Ralph Wilson Stadium in Buffalo, New York – which is home to the legendary Buffalo Bills NFL football team – has always had a keen ear for audio system improvements, and recently undertook a stadium-wide upgrade project. As part of this initiative, 36 private suites and boxes received audio system overalls as the result of a contract awarded to locally based integration company AV Perfection Ltd.

After careful deliberation of the available options, the AV Perfection team opted to use Dante media networking technology-enabled Xilica Uno-N Series processors and Mini Series wall controls for this part of the project. Now a mainstay of high-spec sports facility installations the Uno-N is an app-configured DSP that provides best-in-class audio performance, Dante network audio capability, and application flexibility via the availability of free custom Uno apps developed to satisfy the integrator’s precise requirements.

The core set-up at Ralph Wilson Stadiums works as follows. A total of four audio sources from different locations around the venue are transported over Ethernet cable using Dante networked audio into a single, Dante-enabled Uno U0816-N processor. The U0816-N DSP has its inputs matrixed to zone one of the private suites and boxes, as well as into two Uno U0816 processors. In turn, those U0816-Ns have the four source inputs matrixed to the private suites and boxes in zones 2 and 3.

Selecting the Xilica Mini wall controls provides staff and end-users at the stadium with straightforward and flexible control functionality. Specifically, in each suite a custom Mini S4K1 programmable, networked wall control provides the four source selection and a suite master volume control.

Xilica was also able to deliver customised front-panels to meet the requirements of the stadium’s existing infrastructure. The standard Mini Series wall mount controls each have a 2 gang sized front panel, while the existing back boxes in each suite were 3 gang. As in so many major projects, the responsiveness of the Xilica factory came into its own once more.

“Thanks to our cutting-edge factory we were able to manufacture, assemble, test and supply custom 3 gang sized front panel Mini S4K1 wall controls, which were delivered in advance of the challenging installation schedule,” Xilica’s Regional Sales Manager, Barry Steinburg.

The Uno-N processors, the Mini S4K1 suite located wall controls, and the Dante audio sources are configured as a Dante audio network. A router assigns and manages IP addresses and a PoE switch powers the 36 wall mount controls.

“The resulting installations lends these prestigious VIP and guest spaces significant audio flexibility as well as futureproofing for the long-term,” adds Steinburg.