Chu the Phat, Brisbane

Situated in one of Brisbane’s most sought-after areas, Chu the Phat is one of the very latest additions to the city’s formidable array of first-class eateries. And in keeping with its high-end credentials, it sports a cutting-edge and fully integrated audio system courtesy of installer Twisted Pair Productions, featuring DSP technology from Xilica.

After consultation with rawGROUP and venue owner Adrian Rosato, Twisted Pair pressed ahead with specifying a range of brands that would complement the sonic and aesthetic requirements of the concrete shell install site. Quest speakers, Pioneer turntables, Shure wireless microphones and a Rane mixer running Serato DJ were among the primary components of a system that also features powerful processing and zone control courtesy of Neutrino A0808-N.

Built on the audio performance reputation of Xilica’s 40-bit floating point DSP engine, high-performance 24-bit converters, and premium grade mic preamps, Neutrino is designed to bring a new level of audio performance and value to open architecture, drag & drop processing. As with all of the Series-N model versions, the Neutrino A0808-N provides Dante-enabled network audio capability and the ability to digitally transport Dante streams long distances over Ethernet cable.

Using the Xilica Designer DSP configuration software to set up and run the Neutrino A0808-N, Twisted Pair’s technical team was able to process and control the venue’s various zones so they operate precisely as required. In addition, different levels of password access determine who is able to access selected parts or all of the processing infrastructure.

Dylan Hooper oversees sales at Twisted Pair Productions and worked intensely on the Chu the Phat project. Explaining the decision to use Xilica systems, he remarks that “we had used their DSPs before and knew our way around them. Above all, we required an open architecture audio zone controller that the venue could control from their POS computers – and were sure that the Neutrino could provide this.”

The Chu the Phat installation has proven to be a great success, with the audio system rising to the various challenges of DJ sets and background music with great ease and style. “Xilica has a great range of systems with so much power, and all at affordable prices,” says Hooper. “In an era where there is so much technology out there doing just about the same thing, Xilica is able to provide a distinctive, high-end product range at prices that will work for nearly every venue. Clients may not always see or know how much one of these systems can do, but for the install it makes the end-result so much better.”