GS1 Corporate Experience Center

Reliability, high I/O count and ease of customisation were among the factors that led to the selection of Neutrino A1616 digital signal processors – manufactured by Xilica – during a recent installation at the GS1 Portugal Center for Innovation and Competitiveness in Portugal.

Located in Lisbon, the Center was created by technology standards body GS1 in 2016 in order to present and promote its solutions and standards to associates, partners, developers and end-users. Its objectives also include the demonstration and sharing of processes that can enhance business efficiency across the entire value chain of each product.

While PROMONTÓRIO oversaw the architectural design of the Center, and Alexandre Farto from VHILS worked on eye-catching artistic design elements, Garrett Audiovisuals was selected as creative and technological partner for the execution, development and integration of the HQ, training rooms, offices, laboratories and more. Not surprisingly for such a salient project, high-end brands delivering total reliability were very much the order of the day.

As a result, the audio configuration included monitors from Genelec, wireless microphone systems from beyerdynamic and – at the core of the system – DSP technology from Xilica, specifically two Neutrino A1616 digital signal processors. Built on the audio performance reputation of the company’s 40-bit floating point DSP engine, high performance 24-bit converters, and premium grade mic preamps, Neutrino is designed to bring a new level of audio performance and ‘drag and drop’ ease to fixed audio installations.

The A1616 (16×16) is one of four I/O configurations available in the Neutrino series. At the Center, one device processes the signal for two of the meeting spaces, allowing them to be deployed individually or in combination, with two CUE Systems touch panels to manage and monitor the usage. Separately, a second A1616 oversees several ‘exhibition’ areas inside the building, making it possible to route the sound flexibly between different spaces.

Luis Tavares from the technical department at Garrett Audiovisuals describes the A1616 as “a solution that provides an outstanding quality-price ratio. We knew it would be an ideal answer to the audio challenges at the Center. In particular, the number of inputs and output, the general reliability, and the ease of use recommended it, as did its ability to be easily customized to satisfy the type and dimension of the project. We are delighted by the results achieved by the A1616s at the Center, and I can report that they continue to perform with the utmost precision and reliability.”

In a broader context it is clear that the high quality of the audio is contributing to the success of the Center as a whole. Since its completion, the Lisbon venue has come to be regarded as the best GS1 Innovation Center worldwide, and the scale of this achievement can be seen in context when one learns that GS1’s global operations encompass more than 140 offices in 120 countries.