The Stables at Bendooley Estate

Located within the Southern Highlands of Australia, Bendooley Estate is a spectacular destination resort that includes a highly-rated restaurant, wine-tasting facilities and luxurious cottages. Already a popular choice for company meetings and weddings, Bendooley Estate has recently extended its ability to host corporate and family functions with the opening of a new event space, The Stables.

Custom-built for those seeking distinctive rural glamour, The Stables provides an idyllic setting for events ranging from birthday celebrations to corporate planning sessions. As such, the audio infrastructure needed to be of a high quality and sufficiently versatile to accommodate different event types and configurations, with control panels that could be used with a minimum of fuss by non-technical staff.

Given these requirements it’s not surprising that the project integrator ultimately alighted upon the Solaro FR1 DSP from Xilica®. Designed from the ground-up to offer unbeatable power and performance without costing the earth, the Solaro FR1 includes 16 individual field-swappable card slots for complete flexibility in mixing and matching I/O options. At The Stables, the DSP has been configured as 6-in, 14-out; inputs include wireless microphones and a background music system, while the outputs include power amplifiers that feed loudspeakers in the reception, bar and dancefloor areas.

The Solaro FR1 has been equipped with a user-installable rear module that allows 64×64 channels of Dante™ networked audio to be transported. This capability is expected to be particularly beneficial to conferences and other corporate gatherings. Meanwhile, general ease of use is guaranteed by the provision of two XTouch® control panels – one 5” and one 8” – to deliver simple, user-intuitive command capabilities. In addition, Xilica’s complimentary iOS/Android control app has been installed on a single iPad for flexible – and highly mobile – adjustment from a tablet.

Befitting such a high-end project, The Stables also finds room for several other top-spec brands, including loudspeakers from Community Professional and both speakers and amplifiers from Australian Monitor. But it is the Solaro FR1 that provides the robust heart of the new venue, and will ensure it is well-positioned to deal with whatever event requirements the future may bring.

Project integrator Rec01L Audio confirms that quality has been the watchword throughout the development. “Audio quality was always going to be a must, not least because the Bendooley Estate has a long history of hosting premier wedding receptions and family events, and they are going to be an important element of the calendar going forward,” says the integrator’s managing director. “But we also needed real flexibility of configuration and audio quality for the corporate events that The Stables is expected to host.

“After investigating the current Xilica range, we were in no doubt that the Solaro FR1 could provide the flexibility required to cope with the various speech, live performance and background music sources. The capacity to support Dante networking was another benefit, as was the general value for money – always a plus point with Xilica DSPs.”

The XTouch control panels have also surpassed expectations, allowing mutes and levels to be ‘set and forgotten’ for different types of the day and in accordance with SPL targets.

The XTouch50 has also been configured to give straightforward feedback when live music performances – such as those by wedding singers – are taking place.

“The XTouch controls meld beautifully into the décor of the venue,” says Rec01L, which adds that “selecting Xilica for this prestigious project has proven to be a win-win for all concerned. Everyone is very happy with the way The Stables has turned out.”