Xilica Global Education

Xilica products are designed to be simple to operate, and easy to install. However, like any product, to get the most out of our solutions, we recommend dealers undergo training and education to unlock the full features available to them. Xilica Global Education is the division of Xilica which manages our worldwide training and education programs, including on-demand, scheduled, and in-person classes.

We offer a number of programs designed to help customers maximize their potential with Xilica products:

Xilica Certified Dealer

Xilica Certified Dealer™ status is available to all integrators who pass Level 1 training. This is available both on-demand (online) and in-person, at regularly-scheduled training events across North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific. Level 1 training consists of roughly eight (8) hours of lessons, followed by a multiple-choice test on the material learnt. For in-person testing, a DSP design will be completed and inspected by the trainer at your event location.

Upon successful completion of either the online or in-person training course, the integrator will be awarded a certificate stating their designation as a Certified Dealer. Certified Dealers hold basic foundational knowledge on Xilica solutions, Xilica Designer programming and configuration, and general DSP design tips.

A full summary of the different topics covered in Certified Dealer training is available here.

Certified Dealers are awarded a number of benefits upon successful completion of the course, including:

To register for online, on-demand Certified Dealer training, please click here.

For in-person Certified Dealer trainings, please check our Xilica Global Education events page, here.

Xilica Preferred Dealer

Xilica Preferred Dealer™ is our highest tier of specialization, and is awarded to Xilica’s most competent and valued customers upon successful completion of an in-depth, in-person Level 2 examination.


Xilica Advanced Programming Specialist

A Xilica APS™ firm is a dedicated third-party programming service which has achieved Level 2 (Xilica Preferred Dealer) status, awarded through in-person classes and extensive testing. Xilica APS firms are specialized in advanced, highly-complex DSP design and configuration, for applications or project functionality which is either too complex or time-consuming for an integrator’s in-house personnel to program directly. They can assist on the full suite of DSP design services, including product specification, control programming, and schematics.

Xilica APS firms have direct contact with a dedicated Technical Services professional at Xilica, and regularly attend additional training on new features, functionality and product updates.

For more information, please visit Xilica APS.

Xilica Authorized Dealer

Please note, the ‘Xilica Authorized Dealer’ badge available to factory-authorized U.S. dealers is awarded to signify a genuine reseller of Xilica products. It does not indicate any level of training or specialization in our product range. For more information, please visit Buy Genuine.

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