Simple is beautful

Simple is beautiful.

When spaces have been designed to foster great collaboration, nothing should get in the way. Lucia delivers simplified control of up-to 32 individual system parameters, presets, sources and levels, without adding distraction. As the industry’s only retractable rotary control1, Lucia occupies a much smaller footprint2 than comparable products — with just 0.4” of visible depth — and harnesses capacitive touch for command selection, eliminating buttons or toggles that clutter and confuse.

Hassle free installation

Deploy over standard network infrastructure without proprietary cables or connectors. A single CatX connects power and data with IEEE 802.3af PoE.

Place into any room in your facility without worry, as strengthened backlighting technology cuts through direct sunlight and commercial-grade lighting.

Let Lucia adapt to you, with its single-gang form-factor available in both US and EU/UK versions for seamless installation.

Deploy at scale without code.

Costly and time-consuming programming isn’t needed with Lucia. Just drag-and-drop commands from Xilica Designer into the Lucia window and you’re ready to go. Set all device functionality within a single software environment and deploy changes immediately over standard network infrastructure. Add multi-lingual characters, symbols and icons for an even greater user experience.

Powerful possibilities.

Lucia’s capabilities extend far beyond simple volume adjustment, with the power to control almost any parameter inside a Solaro processor — from typical presets and source selection to adjustment of third-party video and infrastructure devices. Leveraging a minimalist design language, Lucia delivers these capabilities to all skillsets — making it a go-to product for standardization across a facility. With great power comes great responsibility, so Lucia includes secure multi-layered password protection too.

An architect’s dream.

With a premium StudioX™ design that leverages dead-front masking technology, Lucia’s ultra-bright OLED fades discreetly into its surroundings when on standby. And, with its Decora® variant3, Lucia can be installed into wall-plates that perfectly match the rest of your space — seamlessly stylish.

Lucia Specifications

  • Power-over-Ethernet

    IEEE 802.3af, class 0

  • Power Consumption


  • Connectors

    (1) Ethernet RJ45 with indicator lights

  • Ambient Operating Temperature

    32-104°F (0–40°C)

  • Humidity

    0–98%, non-condensing

  • Altitude

    0-6,600 feet (0–2000 Meters) MSL

Documentation, Software & Support

Documentation, software and support is available on the Xilica Support Hub.

Need help? Compare the Xilica ranges to help you find what is right for your needs.

1 Market evaluation conducted by Xilica in March 2021 from a selection of professional AV vendors manufacturing wall-mount controllers for networked audio.

2 Measurement conducted on an in-wall-mounted Lucia module, recording the visible depth from wall to Lucia’s farthest protruding edge with rotary control recessed.

3 Decora variant available for sale in the United States and select territories. Check with your preferred ordering point prior to purchase.

Decora is a registered trademark of Leviton Manufacturing Company, Inc. StudioX is a trademark of Xilica Corporation. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.