Reduce time and cost with Xilica’s pre-configured range of Uno Series processors, devised to suit a broad range of fixed audio installations.

As the pre-configured version of Neutrino, Uno reduces the need for programming skill and DSP design time by basing itself around a portfolio of pre-configured DSP designs. This ease of implementation has made the range a popular choice for a variety of fixed audio installation environments and project budgets.

Xilica can provide a pre-configured DSP design for nearly every application from its online design library. In addition, the company can also provide complimentary ‘custom’ pre-configured designs – designed to the user’s precise requirements.

The pre-configured Uno processors are DHCP-enabled network devices and are available in four primary I/O model sizes – 8×8, 8×16, 16×8 and 16×16 with Mic/Line and 48V phantom power selection per input and premium grade mic pre-amps.

Uno-N model versions provide Dante-enabled network audio capability over Ethernet (Uno Dante I/O follows analog I/O). Streams can be converted to/from analogue and Dante using another Uno-N model, our Rio Series Dante-enabled interface devices, or via any Dante enabled product brand.

The Uno U0808-D and U1616-D model versions provide additional I/O in the form of 8×8 AES/EBU digital audio I/O, whilst the Uno U1608-AEC model version provides eight AEC inputs (Acoustic Echo Cancellation). Finally, the U0808-ND, U1616-ND and U1608-AEC-N combo model versions provide additional I/O and application flexibility.

Uno products can be controlled & programmed via Ethernet using the included Xilica Designer software, which enables the straightforward adjustment of parameters, creation of presets, and programming of controls. Control is also possible via: the wired Mini series wall controls; wirelessly with the XTouch App via iOS and Android devices; the processors GPIO ports; or any third-party control system.

Designed to suit applications throughout the commercial integration market, the Uno Series provides customers with the most comprehensive pre-configured DSP solution on the market.


  • Pre-configured programming reduces required time and skill needed to successfully configure a Xilica Uno product. Large application library available online
  • Features a range of I/O combinations to maximise choice and reduce unnecessary spend, including 8x8, 8x16, 16x8 and 16x6 - all with individual terminal block connections to permit rapid installation
  • Available factory-installed option cards include bi-directional Dante networking, AES/EBU digital audio via a DB25 connector, and eight channels of low-latency AEC
  • Uno products can be controlled and programmed over Ethernet using the Xilica Designer software, which allows universal programming of Dante-enabled products from manufacturers including Bose, Powersoft, Yamaha and others
  • Uno connects to a wide range of control interfaces, including: its own browser-based control panel; the XTouch iOS and Android app; wired Mini series wall controls; GPIO custom I/O; and third-party control systems such as Crestron and AMX
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  • Pre-configured Projects

Technical Specs

Input impedance >10k Ohms
Output impedance 50 Ohms
Maximum level +20dBu
Mic/Line Mic (+40dB Gain)/Line (0dB)
Type Electronically balanced (w/48V Phantom)
Frequency response +/- 0.15dB (20 to 20kHz)
Dynamic range 110dB typ (unweighted)
CMRR >50dB @ 1kHz
Crosstalk <-110dB @ 1kHz
Distortion 0.002% (1kHz @ +4dBu)
Processor 40-bit Floating Point
Sampling rate 48kHz
Analog converters High-performance 24-bit
Propagation delay 3ms (AEC: 11ms)
Connectors Phoenix Plug-in 3.5mm (included), RJ45 Ethernet, IEC power socket, DB25 (AES/EBU, for digital I/O models only)
Power 90-240 VAC (50-60Hz)
Dimensions 19”x1.75”x9” (483x44x229mm)
Rack mount 1RU, with vent between units
Weight 11lbs / 5kg
Warranty 2 years, parts and labor


Model Variants

Base Model With Dante With AES With AEC With Dante & AES With Dante & AEC
8x8 I/O U0808 U0808-N U0808-D U0808-ND
8x16 I/O U0816 U0816-N
16x8 I/O U1608 U1608-N U1608-AEC U1608-AEC-N
16x16 I/O U1616 U1616-N U1616-D U1616-ND

Pre-configured Projects

Individual Channel Automatic Gain Control
Ganged Channel Automatic Gain Control
Gain Sharing Auto-Mixer
Gating Auto-Mixer with Acoustic Echo Cancellation
Home Theater
Sound System
Mic Processor
U0808 U1616 U1608-AEC          
Mic Processor 2
U0808 U0808-N U0816 U0816-N U1608 U1608-N U1616AEC U1616AECN
Sound Reinforcement
U0808 U0816 U1608 U1616 U1608AEC          
Sound Reinforcement 2
U0808 U0808-N U0816 U0816-N U1608 U1608-N U1616      
Sound Reinforcement with Priority Mic Channel
Stereo Mixer
U0808 U0808 w/FBX U0816 U1608 U1616 U1616 w/GEQ U1608AEC      
X-Series 2
U0808 U0808N U0816 U0816-AEC-N U0816N U1608 U1608N U1616 U1616N
BGM Zone Mixer
Matrixed Home Theater
Home Theater with Sub Channel Creation
U0808-AEC U0808-AEC-N U0816 U0816-N U1608-AEC U1608-AEC-N U1616-AEC U1616-AEC-N    
Network Audio Transport
U0808-N U0816-N U1608-N U1616-N