Xilica Designer

Universal platform (PC & Mac) and integrated Dante configuration and third-party device control are among the strengths of the Xilica Designer software.

An integral element of the Xilica range, the Xilica Designer Software was developed to provide optimum configuration of Solaro, Neutrino and Uno Series processors but it also configures Xilica’s programmable remote controls, configures and manages any networked Dante device, and in the future – provide universal third-party device control integration.

The Xilica Designer software includes two active universal components. The first of these, universal platform, makes it possible to deploy the new Xilica Designer software on the user’s Windows PC or Mac. The second, universal Dante configuration, provides the ability to universally configure and manage any brand of Dante interface device on the market.

Two methods can be used to configure other manufacturers Dante enabled devices. The user can select from the growing number of Dante interface product brands already populating the Xilica Designer menu, including devices from Attero Tech, Bose, RCF, RDL and Yamaha.

And alternatively, for those Dante interface product brands not included in the menu, Xilica provides a Generic Dante Device module that can be configured and turned into any Dante enabled device brand connected to the Dante network.

Xilica is working on and will add a third universal component in the form of universal third-party device control integration (universal protocol control). Described as the most important universal component of Xilica Designer, once fully active this component will make it possible to simply drag & drop popular AV product brand models from the menu into the designer software and from each product brand module – drag & drop any or all available controls into any of Xilica’s programmable remote control options (wired touch controls, wireless iOS/Android control devices, etc). Xilica having done all the third-party protocol control work in the background for the user.

Widely regarded as being easy to learn and use, Xilica Designer does not require extensive training and is therefore geared towards quick and straightforward implementation by the integrator community.


  • XTouch Control provides the ability to control Xilica processors via our new XTouch wired touch controls and use XTouchApp to provide wireless iOS and Android control as well as PC or Mac computer control
  • Enhanced Third-Party Control simplifies control programming of any device you have the control string for such as projectors, screens, and lighting
  • Universal Platform - Natively compatible with both Mac and Windows
  • Universal Dante Configuration - Control any brand of Dante device on your network and utilize enhanced network management tools
  • Xilica Designer is quick and easy to learn and use
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Release 3.3.0 (September 24, 2018)

Supported Device Firmware Version:

  • Neutrino/Uno – 5.4.2
  • Neutrino AEC/Uno AEC/Rio – 5.4.1
  • Solaro DSP – 3.0.0
  • NeuPanel Mini – 5.3.4
  • NeuPanel Touch – 5.6.1
  • Site Manager – 5.3.3
  • XTouch Control – 3.3.0

System Requirements:

  • Xilica Designer (v3.3.0) – Windows 7 or higher, Mac OS X 10.8 or higher
  • XTouch Control (v3.3.0) – Android 4.0 or higher, iOS 7.0 or higher

New Features:

  • Support Xilica 3rd party control protocol in Solaro Series processors. User can now define up to 1000 control object string for 3rd party controller to control Solaro Series DSP device parameters.

New Enhancements:

  • Support password protection when trying to load in remote control panel configuration within XTouch applications. User can define such password in Xilica Designer to avoid unauthorized access to XTouch control pages.
  • Add in new UI components:
    • Add in momentary ON/OFF push button as a new button type. This UI object will go to ON state when user presses down the button. It will remain as ON state as long as user is holding the button. Once the button is released, the button state will become OFF. The button also supports minimum action duration (default is 50ms). User can also configure the button to send out repeat action as long as user is holding on the button.
    • Add in radio button support. For option menu or slider control object, there is one more option for radio button. To create radio button, you can drag in as many instances of the same control object to XTouch control panel as you like. For each of the instances, you can define the target value for the button. Once the button is pressed, it will send this target value to control the parameter. This radio button will also monitor the control parameter. If the parameter value is the same as the button target value, it will highlight the button to indicate it is at ON state
  • Add in new Universal Controller processing module:
    • Add in Binary Data Queue – This module will take all its input binary data values that have been modified and place it in a sequential queue and send out to further processing one by one
    • Add in Numeric Value Queue – Similar to Binary Data Queue, this module process on numeric values
    • Add in Numeric Increment/Decrement – Support a value (such as gain value) increment and decrement through push buttons

    Bug Fix:

  • Fix Xilica Designer bug which causes wiring in project overview for User Defined Devices and Dante Enabled Devices to not save.
  • Fix Xilica Designer bug which prevented wiring in project overview for User Defined Devices and Dante Enabled devices to not save.
  • Fix XTouch Auto Logout and Idle timeout setting incorrect when you delete a password for the control page.
  • Fix 3rd party control string definition will be duplicated when copy and paste a DSP module with 3rd party control string defined.
  • Fix Logic Counter, Logic Delay module parameters cannot be controlled in ONLINE mode for Neutrino devices.
  • Fix Xilica Designer crash bug when trying to reduce size rapidly for control component in XTouch design editor.
  • Fix schematic compile bug when there is only logic module processing without audio processing.
  • Fix some DSP modules control panel parameters cannot get to ONLINE mode in Neutrino/Uno device (hence cannot modify the module parameters). These modules include, AFS, Gating Automixer, Gain Sharing Automixer, Room combiner.
  • Known Bug:
  • When converting from NeuConsole project file to SolaroConsole, if the project file is being password protected, this project file cannot be opened in SolaroConsole. This is due to the wrong password encryption algorithm used in NeuConsole. This cannot be fixed on SolaroConsole side. To get around this issue, users have to remove the password protection for the project file using NeuConsole before converting the file for SolaroConsole use.
  • When opening Solaro device for control in Network view, the preset trigger module configuration cannot be shown properly in the control panel. (The control panel will always say preset trigger disabled) Due to some technical implementation issue, this issue cannot be fixed.