Solaro I/O Option Cards

Pick and mix custom I/O configurations with the Solaro Series Option Cards.

The Solaro Series of modular digital signal processors is completely card-based. No wasted I/Os, no wasted budget. Simply pick-and-mix your chosen card configuration, and get busy.

XC-SML: Two-Channel Analog Audio Input Card
The XC-SML is a two-channel audio input card for analog signals, complete with 48V Phantom power, switchable per channel. It features high-quality mic pre-amps as standard, alongside selectable microphone gain and line. The XC-SML is equipped with 32-bit analog to digital converters.

XC-SLO: Two Channel Analog Audio Output Card
The XC-SLO is a two-channel audio output card for analog signals, complete with high-quality 32-bit digital to analog converters.

XC-SDA: Two Channel AES/EBU I/O Card
The XC-SDA is a two-channel digital audio I/O card which features selectable AES/EBU as input or output (per card).

XC-SUB: Two Channel USB I/O Card
The XC-SUB is a two-channel USB audio I/O card which features two inputs plus two outputs (per card).

XC-SGP: Four Channel GPIO Card
The XC-SGP is a four channel GPIO card, with channels selectable as input or output (per card).

XC-S2R: Two Channel Relay Output Card
The XC-S2R is a two-channel relay card with NO, NC and Common contact terminals per circuit.

XC-CTODN: Solaro FR1 Optional User-Installed Dante™ Module
For Solaro FR1 products only, Xilica offers the XC-CTODN module, giving integrators 64×64 send/receive Dante capabilities. Solaro QR1 ships with a 4×4 Dante module as standard, factory-installed. XIO 8 features a 4×4 Dante module by default, whilst XIO 16 offers 32×32 as standard.

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  • High degree of flexibility when deciding Input/Output options.
  • High-quality microphone pre-amps, and 32-bit analog-digital, digital-analog converters across I/O cards.
  • Four channel GPIO card offers greater flexibility for lower cost when designing complex control and command systems.
  • User-installed Dante module for Solaro FR1 helps limit costs when Dante™ is not required, and provides greater flexibility when it is.
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Available Models

SKU Option Card Input/Output Connectors
XC-SML Two-Channel Analog Audio Input Card Input Card
XC-SLO Two-Channel Analog Audio Output Card Output Card
XC-SDA Two-Channel AES/EBU I/O Card Selectable as Input/Output
XC-SUB Two-Channel USB I/O Card Two Inputs plus Two Outputs
XC-SGP Four-Channel GPIO Card Selectable as Input/Output
XC-S2R Two-Channel Relay Output Card Output Card
XC-CTODN Solaro FR1 Optional Dante™ Module