Solaro QR

A member of Xilica’s new Solaro family of processors, the QR is all about modular I/O flexibility and powerful dual core processing built into a compact chassis.

The Solaro QR (quarter rack) DSP might stand in the shadow of its Solaro FR big brother but don’t let size fool you. The QR is compact but the same Linux platform and dual core processor drive this modular drag and drop configured network processor and the modular I/O architecture makes the QR highly user configurable. Eight modular card slots accept 2ch audio and 4ch GPIO input and output plug-in cards. Plus, any card type, in any combination, in any card slot maximizes I/O flexibility and a built-in 4×4 Dante card is a connectivity bonus.

The QR is founded on the triple-notion of drag-and-drop simplicity and modular I/O plug-in card flexibility in a compact format. Accordingly, QR’s drag-and-drop Xilica Designer software for PC and Mac is used to configure DSP functionality and the modular I/O card configuration as well as the QR’s programmable remote controls.

The QR’s modular architecture provides eight user-configured card slots that accept our I/O plug-in cards and I/O flexibility is maximized by the ability to place any card type, in any combination, in any card slot. Currently the available plug-in cards include 2ch analog input and output cards; 2ch AES/EBU digital audio input and output cards; and 4ch GPIO input and output cards. The 2ch analog Mic/Line input card provides mic/line and 48V phantom power selection per input and uses premium grade mic pre-amps.

The included 4×4 Dante card is a connectivity bonus. Transport 4×4 I/O channels of Dante network audio bi-directionally over Ethernet. Dante and analog audio streams can be converted back to analog audio or to Dante network audio using another Solaro series processor, any of our Rio Series Dante interfaces, or via any Dante enabled product brand.

Solaro QR can be controlled in a number of ways: via Ethernet using the included Xilica Designer software GUI; with GPIO card ports; the optional new XTouch50 and XTouch80 programmable touch controls (coming soon); iOS and Android devices via our free XTouchApp; and with any third-party controller.

The powerful Solaro QR is an excellent DSP choice for teleconferencing solutions. The optional QR-AEC model provides a maximum of 8 AEC enabled microphone inputs – configured as 4 x 2ch AEC modules in the QR’s Xilica Designer software.

Audio performance is always important to Xilica. The QR is no exception and uses the same input, output, and DSP processing architecture as the Solaro FR model at a sample rate of 48kHz.

Solaro QR’s highly configurable modular design, powerful dual core processor, built in 4×4 Dante card, compact size, and PoE capability make the QR suitable for a wealth of applications in the commercial integration market and a market value leader.

* Solaro is not compatible with existing Touch SM7 MkII and Mini controls
** New Solaro compatible XTouch50 and XTouch80 touch controls coming soon


  • The QR is designed around a compact but powerful dual core processor and Xilica Designer’s drag-and-drop simplicity
  • Features modular I/O architecture to maximize I/O requirements per project and reduce unnecessary spending
  • 8 user-configured card slots accept 2ch analog audio input and output plug-in cards; 2ch AES/EBU digital audio input and output plug-in cards; and 4ch GPIO input and output plug-in cards. A maximum of 16 audio channels (8 card slots) and 32 GPIO channels (8 card slots). Any card type, in any combination, in any card slot maximizes I/O flexibility
  • 4x4 I/O of Dante network audio transport is included
  • QR connects to a wide range of control interfaces, including: our new XTouch50 and XTouch80 touch controls (coming soon); wireless iOS and Android control devices and PC and Mac computers via our free XTouchApp; our GPIO card control ports; and any third-party control system (Crestron, AMX, others)
  • Power the QR using an external power supply (included) or via PoE
  • Options: QR-AEC model with up to 8 AEC inputs (configured as 4x2ch AEC modules in the Xilica Designer software) and the QR-RMKIT rack mount kit (rack mount 2 x QR’s side by side in a 1RU 19” rack space)
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Technical Specs

Sampling rate 48kHz
Processing 40-bit floating point
Card slots 8
Propagation delay 4.5ms
Connectors RJ45 with PoE capability (Cat 5/6), RJ45 with Dante connectivity, DC Jack (When PoE is not used)
Power +12VDC/2A External power supply 90-240 VAC 50-60Hz (included), or Power over Ethernet (PoE)
Rack mount QR-RMKIT - rack mount 2 x QR’s in a 19” 1RU space. Blank covers included
Dimensions 4.25”x1.75”x6” (108x44x152mm) without mounting brackets
Weight 2.2lbs / 1kg (Mainframe only, without power supply)
Warranty 3 years, parts and labor


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