Reduce time and cost with Xilica’s pre-configured range of Uno Series processors, devised to suit a broad range of fixed audio installations.

As the pre-configured version of Neutrino, Uno reduces the need for programming skill and DSP design time by basing itself around a portfolio of pre-configured DSP designs. This ease of implementation has made the range a popular choice for a variety of fixed audio installation environments and project budgets.

Xilica can provide a pre-configured DSP design for nearly every application, and continues to add to its online app library regularly. In addition, the company can also provide complimentary ‘custom’ Uno apps designed to the user’s precise requirements.

As with many products in the Xilica range, Uno DSPs feature a 40-bit floating point DSP engine, high-performance 24-bit converters, and premium grade mic preamps. The app-configured Uno processors are DCHP-enabled network devices and are available in four I/O model sizes – 8×8, 8×16, 16×8 and 16×16 with Mic/Line and 48V phantom power selection per input and premium grade mic pre-amps.

The Uno U0808, U0816, U1603 and U1616 are standard I/O models, whilst the Uno-N model versions provide Dante-enabled network audio capability, making it possible to digitally transport up to 16×16 I/O channels of bi-directional Dante network audio over Ethernet. Streams can be converted to/from analogue and Dante using another Uno-N model or any of the Rio Series Dante-enabled interface devices.

In addition, Uno-N series processors and Rio Series Dante interface devices can be used in conjunction with other Dante-enabled product brands and devices.

The Uno U0808-D and U1616-D model versions provide additional I/O in the form of 8×8 AES/EBU digital audio I/O on a separate DB25 connector, whilst the Uno U1608-AEC model version is essentially the U1608 model with up to 8 x AEC inputs plus 8 x mic/line inputs for conference system applications or anywhere AEC (Acoustic Echo Cancellation) is required. Finally, the U0808- ND, U1616-ND and U1608-AEC-N combo model versions provide additional I/O and application flexibility.

Uno products can be controlled & programmed via Ethernet using the included SolaroConsole software, which enables the straightforward adjustment of parameters, creation of presets, and programming of controls. Control is also possible via: the wired Touch 7 and Mini series wall controls; wirelessly with the SolaroControl app via iOS and Android devices; the browser control; the processors’ Logic I/O; or any third party control system.


  • App-centric programming reduces required time and skill needed to successfully configure a Xilica Uno product. Large application library available online, and custom app designs provided free-of-charge
  • Features a range of I/O combinations to maximise choice and reduce unnecessary spend, including 8x8, 8x16, 16x8 and 16x6 - all with individual terminal block connections to permit rapid installation
  • Available factory-installed option cards include bi-directional Dante networking, AES/EBU digital audio via a DB25 connector, and eight channels of low-latency AEC
  • Uno products can be controlled and programmed over Ethernet using Xilica’s SolaroConsole software, which allows universal programming of Dante-enabled products from manufacturers including Bose, Powersoft, Yamaha and others
  • Uno connects to a wide range of control interfaces, including: its own browser-based control panel; the SolaroControl iOS and Android app; wired Touch 7 and Mini series wall controls; Logic custom I/O; and third-party control systems such as Crestron and AMX
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Technical Specs

Input impedance >10k Ohms
Output impedance 50 Ohms
Maximum level +20dBu
Mic/Line Mic (+40dB Gain) / Line (0dB)
Type Electronically balanced (w/48V Phantom)
Frequency response +/- 0.1dB (20 to 20kHz)
Dynamic range 110dB typ (unweighted)
CMRR >100db (50 to 10kHz)
Crosstalk <-100dB
Distortion 0.002% (1kHz @ +4dBu)
Processor 40-bit Floating Point
Sampling rate 48kHz
Analog converters High-performance 24-bit
Propagation delay 3ms (AEC: 11ms)
Connectors Phoenix Plug-in 3.5mm (included), RJ45 Ethernet, IEC power socket, DB25 (AES/EBU, for digital I/O models only)
Power 90-240 VAC (50-60Hz)
Dimensions 19”x1.75”x9” (483x44x229mm)
Rack mount 1RU, with vent between units
Weight 11lbs / 5kg
Warranty 2 years, parts and labor


Product Information

Product Datasheet
Product Quick Start Guide

Technical Documentation

Xilica Third-Party Control Protocol Notes
Xilica ‘Installing Dante Card’ Guide (V1.3)


Uno Firmware Release (V5.4.2)
Uno AEC Firmware Release (V5.4.1)

SolaroConsole DSP Configuration Software


Control Apps – iOS and Android

Google Play Store (Android)
Apple Store (iOS)

Supporting Brochures

Xilica 2017 Networked Solutions Brochure

Model Variants

Base Model With Dante With AES With AEC With Dante & AES With Dante & AEC
8x8 I/O U0808 U0808-N U0808-D U0808-ND
8x16 I/O U0816 U0816-N
16x8 I/O U1608 U1608-N U1608-AEC U1608-AEC-N
16x16 I/O U1616 U1616-N U1616-D U1616-ND

Product Images

App Library

Individual Channel Automatic Gain Control
Ganged Channel Automatic Gain Control
Gain Sharing Auto-Mixer
U0808 U0816 U1608 U1616            
Gating Auto-Mixer
U0808 U0816 U1608 U1616            
Gating Auto-Mixer with Acoustic Echo Cancellation
Home Theater
Mic Processor
U0808 U1616 U1608-AEC          
Mic Processor 2
U0808 U0808-N U0816 U0816-N U1608 U1608-N U1616AEC U1616AECN
Sound Reinforcement
U0808 U0816 U1608 U1616 U1608AEC          
Sound Reinforcement 2
U0808 U0808-N U0816 U0816-N U1608 U1608-N U1616      
Sound Reinforcement with Priority Mic Channel
Stereo Mixer
U0808 U0808 w/FBX U0816 U1608 U1616 U1616 w/GEQ U1608AEC      
X-Series 2
U0816 U0816-AEC-N U0816N U1608 U1608N U1616 U1616N U1616N U0808 U0808N
BGM Zone Mixer
Matrixed Home Theater
Home Theater with Sub Channel Creation
U0808-AEC U0808-AEC-N U0816 U0816-N U1608-AEC U1608-AEC-N U1616-AEC U1616-AEC-N    
Network Audio Transport
U0808-N U0816-N U1608-N U1616-N            
For custom apps, Xilica is able to provide these free-of-charge. Please contact your local Customer Solutions Engineer or Technical Services Manager to request a design for your needs.