Deliver incredible entertainment experiences with the all-modular, high-performance X2 DSP.

Passion Through Performance  Xilica’s mantra, but also a phrase deeply synonymous with live sound. Whether it’s concert sound, immersive club nights, or a global tour, live sound demands ultra-high-performance, and ultra-high-reliability. Only then can you truly create an incredible experience.

Well, X2 lives up to this phrase. And more.

Curated from the ground-up to meet the rigorous needs of daily production, X2 by Xilica is a 2U powerhouse based on a dual-core, Linux® backbone, paired with the exceptional performance of 96kHz sampling, high-fidelity microphone pre-amps, a 32-bit converter, and Xilica’s renowned 40-bit floating point DSP engine. Plus, add to this hardware the live audio experience gained over the past two-decades by Xilica engineers: first with the revolutionary DLP processor series, and later with the legacy XD live sound units, and you’ve got yourself a box with an awful lot of bang.

But it’s not all about the specs.

Technically, X2 is in a class of its own. But, what Xilica really loves about this new, next-generation live sound DSP is its modularity. Just like the Solaro Series, X2’s installation-centric ‘big brother’, X2 is completely card-slot. With eight slots available in the base X2 DSP Frame, you can pick-and-mix to get just the right combination for your event – no wasted I/O, no wasted budget. Choose your custom selection from a portfolio of analog in (with switchable 48V Phantom), analog out, and immersive AES/EBU digital audio. Add a 64×64 Dante™ card into the mix, and you’ve got yourself a DSP that delivers incredible connectivity between over 1,500 Dante-enabled products from more than 400 manufacturers.

Control, your way.

With a plethora of control surfaces, you can direct your DSP just how you want. No fiddling around on the front-panel against a darkened rack. Just slide out your smartphone and take advantage of the free Xilica iOS and Android app — or, reap the benefits of the PC & Mac-based Xilica Designer software: both to make real-time adjustments to your DSP schematic, and to deliver control options on the fly. Want something more physical? X2 is natively compatible with Xilica’s XTouch™ glass-to-glass touch screens, available purely in black. Utilize an XTouch50 with a 5″ display, or an XTouch80 with 8″ of control surface, and mount them either horizontally or vertically for a user-centric command solution. All-new XWP wall-panels are also available, if you need to install your X2 product for a longer amount of time. 

Future-proofing: it’s key.

What if you want more than eight (8) I/O Option Cards in your X2 product? Well, X2 is natively compatible with the Solaro XIO Series of Modular I/O Expansion Frames. Run a link to one of these, and you’ve opened yourself up to either a 1/4 rack-width, or a full-rack-width expansion module with another eight (Solaro XIO 8) or 16 (Solaro XIO 16) card-slots respectively. X2 I/O Option Cards differ to those of the Solaro Series, in that they are 2U, not 1U. X2 I/O Option Cards include: X2ML-I, a two-channel Mic/Line input card with switchable 48V Phantom power (selectable, per input); the X2L-O, a two-channel Line level output card, and the X2AES-IO, a two-channel AES/EBU digital audio input/output card (selectable, via software).

We play nice with others.

Xilica Designer®, our programming software, opens up integrators to incredible ease. Third-party Dante device programming is simple, with built-in native integration with products from Powersoft, Bose, Yamaha, Sanyo, NEC, RCF and Adamson, to name just a few. And, if your preferred Dante brand isn’t listed, you can simply drop in the Generic Dante Device module to wire everything up in moments. There’s no need for Dante Controller either, as Designer packs many of its features into the programming window.

Plus, just when you thought set-up couldn’t get any easier… Xilica offers pre-designed DSP templates from its online library. In a hurry? Need to setup your DSP for common applications fast? Well, log on to xilica.com, download your template, and get to work.


  • Complete modularity allows unlimited creativity in building out your ideal I/O count. No wasted features, no wasted budget.
  • Highly comprehensive range of low-cost I/O cards, including analog in/out, AES/EBU, and Dante™.
  • Built-in advanced live-sound processing modules, including FIR filters, sophisticated equalizers and next-generation compression/limiting.
  • Compatible with Xilica XTouch™ glass-to-glass touch screens, XWP low-cost wall-panels, and PC/Mac-based GUIs.
  • Also features complimentary use of the Xilica iOS/Android app, enabling custom control surfaces on the move, from anywhere in the world.
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Model Variants

SKU Description
X2-Frame 2U, 8-slot next-generation live sound DSP. Frame comes complete with 8 card-slot blanking plates.

Application Templates

Application Description I/O Configuration Download at:
Gain-Sharing Automixer 1
Graphic EQ 1
Room Combine 1