Control Surfaces

Great control for great spaces.

Everything you need is just a tap away. Let people be themselves with great technology, delivered simply.

Xilica’s Lucia and XTouch ranges provide user-centric, streamlined control functionality for spaces of all sizes — from the executive boardroom or lecture theater to the building corridor.


Sleek and seamless interaction with a networked wall remote, featuring recessed rotary control and multi-lingual OLED.


Feature-rich functionality from a network-based touch control that offers advanced interactivity for managing audio, video and infrastructure.

Why use Xilica for control?

Fewer boxes.

Delivering a frictionless experience for end-users doesn’t have to be difficult. Remove the mystical black box in your space and run control from something that’s already installed — the DSP.

Code is optional.

Drag-and-drop programming is quick, easy and simple to do. Choose from pre-built modules for common AV & UC products from Technology Vendor Partners, or code your own using industry-standard Lua script.

Design for your users.

Create custom graphics, utilize logos, icons and design with your brand identity. Xilica Designer allows for customization of UCIs to be the ideal fit for room users.

Keep it secure.

Deploy password protection and restricted access functions to control surfaces — immediately, over the network.

Why use Xilica for control?